Matt & Cynthia – Romantic proposal on Ruby Island in Wanaka

Ruby Island is a little island on Lake Wanaka, about 650m offshore from Waterfull Creek. For Matt and Cynthia, a couple from Australia who came to Wanaka for a country retreat, Ruby Island is a significant destination in their lives. It is where where Matt proposed to Cynthia, with a rose gold, ruby stone, bead set diamonds, engagement ring made by Marc Martinovich.

Matt was a creative, who worked in the design industry, he therefore was selective and wanted to choose wisely when it came to deciding who to work when designing an engagement ring for his wife to be. After Matt scoped out Marc Martinovich, they together furtively came up with the perfect concept that would be the ring Cynthia wore and loved for the rest of her life.

Matt was overwhelmed by the outcome of the engagement ring, and through the process of the designing consultations, Matt managed to haul Marc in to the actual set up for the day of the engagement. Marc being the personable and enthusiastic guy that he is, was more than happy to lend a hand, and absolutely loved doing so.

Marc leant Matt his two kayaks, where together they took them to Waterfull creek. Matt paddled out to Ruby Island and hid a chilly bin enclosed with champagne, and croissants, planning on retrieving this the next day in order to celebrate their engagement with a champagne breakfast. Matt paddled back to shore, and helped Marc hide the kayaks amongst the shrub.

The next day Matt and Cynthia went for a walk, where they “spontaneously” came across two kayaks which they decided to take across to Ruby Island. Soon after their arrival Matt got down on one knee and asked Cynthia to marry him, revealing the ruby ring. This was obviously Cynthia’s first view of the ring, she was overwhelmed with excitement as well as satisfaction, and happily said “yes” to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.


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