Joel & Samantha – Biking the South Island of New Zealand to find the perfect ring.

Some ladies wouldn’t think that a road bike gifted to you for your Birthday from your partner, would be the most romantic present, let alone if that road bike was to be used as the only means of transport for a trip around the South Island. Perhaps it’s a touch of jealousy here, as I really do envy those people who actually have both the desire and fitness capabilities to be able to tackle these sorts of challenges, while enjoying them at the same time.

When Sydney, Shell Harbour local, Joel, bought his partner Samantha a bike and a ticket to New Zealand, it was actually relatively romantic, but only because of what was yet to come. After a quick trip over the ditch, they started pedaling, and found themselves in the small town of Tekapo, with breathtaking surroundings of the bluest glacial lake you’ll ever see, enclosed by ragged mountains. Joel, overwhelmed by the stunning views, and serene environment, decided Tekapo was the spot to pop the question. Joel nipped into the pharmacy and purchased a ring, a “plastic, blingy number,” so he could ask Samantha to marry him.The proposal happened on top of Mount John, looking over the small township and beautiful setting of Tekapo. Of course Samantha said yes….otherwise we probably wouldn’t be telling you this story. However, unfortunately for Joel, the $8.00 “plastic blingy number” was not going to suffice as an engagement ring, so the remaining journey was spent paying visits to numerous jewellery stores. Joel and Samantha struggled to find the perfect ring as they didn’t want to buy a generic ring, or spend beyond their means.Joel and Samantha stumbled across Martinovich Jewellery in another idyllic township, Wanaka. They had a chat to Nicola, that’s Marc’s wife, you’ll meet her at the counter of Martinovich Jewellery in Wanaka. Nicola modestly explained Marc’s expertise in the jewellery industry, highlighting Marc’s fantastic ability in understanding individuals taste, dislikes, and desires.Marc went through the consolation process with Joel and Samantha, where they all sat down and discussed shape, size, stones, colour, price, design, likes, dislikes and most probably bikes (Marc’s one of those people who would also be able to and “enjoy” pedaling around the South). Samantha really had no idea what she wanted in a ring, within half an hour of her talking to Marc however; Marc knew exactly what she wanted in a ring.

It’s not often that Marc will only do one consultation for a client, but Joel and Samantha had to get back on their bikes, and were wrapped with the initial consultation that they had, so held great trust in Marc to design and make the perfect engagement ring.

Once Marc’s hand made piece was finished, Nicola organised for the ring to be delivered to Martinovich Jewellery Christchurch, to meet Joel and Samantha. Joel and Samantha received their palladium with hand engraved detailing on the shoulders, princess cut diamond engagement ring. They were blown away with the finished product, the ring exceeded their expectations.

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