Emma’s Tsavorite Ring

What a busy few months we are continuing to have at Martinovich since opening our doors in May, we have been producing some stunning pieces including this glorious dress ring for Emma.

The brief from Emma was that she would like a special piece, a right hand ring. What delighted us was that she had purchased a pair of shoes in a vivid Emerald green colour and would like a ring with a stone to match that colour. Once we started exploring Emma’s taste and what was going to ‘wow’ her it became clear that this had to be a piece with substance, flair and style.

A number of different stones were viewed for the colour she was after, this included Tourmaline, Emerald and green sapphire, the images below are two Tsavorites that would fit within the specifications for the ring.

gttsg209front-1258.7x6.1mm Tsavortie


Emma selected the stone on the left, the brighter of the two.

Finding a Tsavorite Garnet of this size took us some time as these stones are becoming rare due to the low numbers now being mined. Tsavorites over 2ct in particular as the above stones are, are very rare and availability is limited therefore the value is increasing.

Tsavorite is named after the Tsavo National Park, on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, where it was discovered and has been mined since the 1970s. Kenya remains the most important source of tsavorite today, though some is found in nearby Tanzania.

Emma’s Tsavorite ring features a rare Tsavorite Garnet, black diamonds and white Princess cut Diamonds.

Emma, cropped


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