Marc Martinovich Design Process  

We have made the design process simple for you, while ensuring the results are perfect. Once you have booked your consultation, you will come into store and sit down with Marc Martinovich himself. Marc loves to get to know all of his customers so always enjoys some initial introductory chatter. Marc will then begin to take you through the design process where he will ask you particular questions, and get you to comment on design concepts, images or ideas. Marc’s expertise in the jewellery design industry means that you do not have to do a lot of thinking nor do you have to come up with concepts, as Marc does that for you, from gauging ideas from your opinions.

Marc is extremely clever at getting a handle on your taste, even if you do not know what your own taste is.

Throughout your consultation Marc will sketch and explain his ideas to you. Eventually the design becomes narrowed down to something that is unique and exclusive to you. Marc goes beyond his beck and call for all of his clients. For example if choosing a stone is pivotal to your design, Marc will source stones for you to view, these will usually range slightly in grade, size and value. Together you and Marc will view the stones and discuss the stones qualities before you choose which one you want to be incorporated into your piece. It is important to know that changes can always be made and sometimes are suggested even when the ring is nearing completion.

Marc always has you (his client) in mind when making your piece so if he feels a change is more inline with your taste, he will contact you and discuss it before proceeding.

Marc loves to be present for the reveal of your special piece.