“The pleasure of past and present.” Marc Martinovich


Your taste may include an antique style, there are different interpretations of what comprises an antique look.

Designing an antique look often incorporates filigree styles with feminine pretty lines whilst still being a well made substantial piece that will last your lifetime.

This taste set can easily be designed by Marc along side a modern style using a variety of gemstones, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Rubies, Spinel, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, green, pink, yellow and blue sapphire. Black diamonds look great in this general look as they add something a bit different whilst still being fine jewellery.

Leigh’s engagement ring is a modern Martinovich interpretation of classic filigree yesteryear, 18ct rose & white gold,spectacular rare pink diamonds surround the timeless round brilliant cut white diamond.  Truely a pleasure to have handmade for you Leigh.

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