Andrea & Simon’s Greek wedding

It was a privilege to make wedding rings for Swiss couple, Andrea & Simon.

The New Zealand and tradition of wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring together on the same finger, is not a tradition shared by the Swiss. It is more typical in Switzerland to wear the engagement ring on the right hand and the wedding ring, on its own on the left hand.

While staying in New Zealand due to a close Kiwi connection, Andrea & Simon came to us to make their 18ct Rose gold wedding bands, it was important to them that their special pieces were handmade in New Zealand using New Zealand gold. The design and lines of their bands are simplistic, stylish, timeless and very considered. We love making rings that have so much input and critiquing from the wearer that makes them so valued and meaningful to the individual, Andrea & Simon were very particular and new exactly what they wanted the final product to be.

And we are delighted to deliver exactly what they envisaged.


Andrea & Simon weddingAndrea & Simon in FolegandrosAndrea & Simons rings




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